Optical fibre and telecommunication test product solutions

At Opticus we provide a wide range of optical fibre and telecommunication test product solutions that are tailored to suit your needs. We will go out of our way to make sure that you have the best products and the best technical advice and the best all round support.

With many years experience, we create and offer products that are more flexible, efficient and affordable, with clients ranging from small and medium to large telecommunication companies. Our aim is to meet the needs of customers on time, every time, with professionalism and efficiency. We work with each client we serve to recommend products for their needs, and to give the best solutions.

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Opticus Product areas

Optical Products for OTDR testing, SDH, Dispersion testing including Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) and Chromatic Dispersion (CD). Fibre Monitoring and Remote Fibre test systems (RFTS), Optical Spectrum Analysis (OSA), Access Master OTDR and mini OTDR, Optical fibre power meter, Attenuators, light source. DWDM and CWDM testing, Passive Optical Network testing (PONs), OTDR analysis software.

Radio Frequency (RF) products for W-CDMA, W-LAN, and WiMax tests. Spectrum Analyzers including Site Master and Spectrum Master. Base Station Analyzers, RF Power Meters, cable and antenna analyzers, UMTS testers, Vector Network Analyzers (VNA), Scalar Network Analyzers, Signal Generators.

Wireless products for base station testing - Cell Master series. antenna testing - Site Master series, bluetooth testing, WCDMA, WLAN, wireless power meters. mobile phone testers, wireless signal generators, wireless spectrum analysers. area scanners.

Telecom / Datacoms products for Gigabit Ethernet testing, IP test, MPLS test and VPN testing, SONET SDH PDH testing. Equipment for ATM, ISDN, Frame Relay testing.